Idiot’s Away

Tonight’s the last time Leftwing Idiot’s going do my overnight support until September.

Next week he’s heading to Edinburgh where he’ll be in a show with our friends Cassetteboy for the whole of August.

When we first talked about him going away I felt very nervous at the thought of a whole month without him. He provides me with an enormous amount of help and support. As well as regular overnight care, he helps me at work and at weekends, and, crucially, he fills lots of the gaps in my support plan at times when I don’t get paid help.

Although I started out feeling daunted at the prospect of managing without him, I’m feeling much better about it now and I’m just looking forward to hearing about his adventures in Scotland.

It’s taken a bit of extra thought and planning but I’m confident I’ve got everything sorted for while he’s away.

Tonight we went out and shared a lovely meal together. As well as the food, I also enjoyed being in Leftwing Idiot’s company.

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