A Blue Moment

Mum, don’t read this post! But, if you do, I’m fine now so you don’t need to worry.

Yesterday evening the castle was buzzing with people. Leftwing Idiot was here doing some filming in the garden, and a few other friends had dropped in too.

I was planning to go swimming with Olive later on so I went to my room to get ready. But when I was kneeling by my wardrobe I started having a ‘ticcing fit’. My body locked up and I slid silently to the floor. I ended up face down with my nose and mouth pressed into the thick carpet, making it extremely hard to breathe. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t call for help. I could hear my friends elsewhere, but I had no way of letting them know I was in trouble.

Thankfully, after a minute or so, Leftwing Idiot found me and quickly turned me over. Apparently when he rolled me over my face was a bit blue but I’m not totally sure I believe him. As soon as I could breathe properly again I calmed down. Leftwing Idiot and my friend Keir moved me onto my bed, and the fit ended about ten minutes later.

I’ve learnt an important lesson from this incident – just because there are lots of people about that doesn’t mean it’s safe for me to wander off without saying what I’m doing. In future I‘ll be much more conscious of the risks of doing this in order not to end up in such dangerous predicaments.

Thanks to Leftwing Idiot for looking and listening out for me, and once again saving the day.

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