Thin Skinned

It’s been over two years since tics in my legs began severely affecting my mobility. When I’m out and about I use a wheelchair, but indoors I tend to wobble around holding onto furniture or grab rails, or I crawl around on my knees.

I wear kneepads all the time to protect them, both from the repeated impact when I fall to the ground and from damage when I’m crawling.

Generally my knees cope with all this pretty well. The skin is slightly more discoloured and tougher than on an average knee, but otherwise they’ve held up pretty well – until this week.

Suddenly they’ve become very tender and every time I move about on them they prickle with pain, in spite of the kneepads. It’s the skin that’s damaged rather than the knees themselves so I’ve been plastering them with cream to try and help. It’s made me acutely aware how much I rely on my knees to get about. It’s much like a blister on your foot painfully reminding you how crucial your feet are.

From now on I’ll pay more attention to keeping my knees in good nick and while they’re recovering I’ve been exploring other ways of moving about, like bum-shuffling. It’s definitely less elegant than crawling, but the floors in the castle are looking well buffed as a result!

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  1. j.hanson says:

    I think you have housemaid’s knee! How weird is that?

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