Yesterday King Russell, Fat Sister and I had a BBQ at the castle, the first this year. With Fat Sister’s help I made myself a suitably refreshing beverage – apple juice with lime and mint.

What’s particularly remarkable about this is that for the first time in years I was able drink from a normal glass. Normally I use camping cups with lids, affectionately referred to as special needs beakers, (SNBs for short.) I use these because my arm tics make using a regular cup or glass more like taking a shower.

Don’t worry – my arm tics haven’t disappeared overnight – but I did discover a wonderful product at the Mobility Roadshow on Friday that’s opened up a whole world of drinking receptacles to me.

The miracle product in question is Safesip, a stretchy silicone drink cover that fits over glasses, mugs or even cans. The cover creates a tight seal so no liquid leaks out and there’s a slit through which a straw can be inserted.

It means that pretty much any cup or glass can become a SNB in an instant. I’m so happy with it I’m going to pour myself another drink.

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