No One Puts Piggy in the Corner

Last night just as I was going to bed I noticed that something in my living room wasn’t where it should have been. This didn’t surprise me, but it did bother me – one of my Piggies was missing.

Not many things in the castle feel like they have a ‘right’ place. But I do like to know where my Piggies are, and for them to live in one particular spot.

Ever since ‘Pink Piggy’ first arrived he’s sat on the Blu-Ray player in the living room, and later when ‘Black Piggy’ came to stay, he joined him there. Just as my tics find the Piggies inexplicably exciting, my slightly obsessive tendencies seem to have decided that the Blu-Ray player is their home, and that’s where they should be.

But apparently Leftwing Idiot and Poppy feel differently. They enjoy moving the Piggies about all over the place when I’m not looking. The other morning I woke to find Black Piggy nestling in the hole in a hi-fi speaker that sits by my bed. On another occasion I found Pink Piggy helplessly stuck in the blender! Sometimes their movements are slightly subtler – I’ll suddenly find them facing the wall, balancing on each other’s backs or sharing a kiss.

Last night after a lot of searching I found Pink Piggy in the bathroom cabinet.

Despite putting me on edge, I do find the Piggies antics quite funny, and I know Leftwing Idiot and Poppy do as well. Although, they both claim to know nothing about it and insist the pigs are just free spirits. I’m yet to be convinced.

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