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Last weekend turned out to be exceptionally good for tic-inspired games. The other day I wrote about a Piggy-related guessing game. By Sunday evening, two more excellent games had spontaneously arrived.

I was hanging out with Leftwing Idiot and Poppy when I suddenly ticced “Let’s play ‘Imagine a tattoo on a historical plant’ and describe it without using vowels.”

So we did.

We took turns to think of and secretly write down the tattoo, the plant and the historical period we had in mind. Then we crossed out all the vowels and tried to pronounce each word without them.

Here’s what we came up with:

TH: *t’s * gr*c*f*l d*lph*n *n * f**rth c*nt*ry br*mbl*
LWI: *t’s * sh*ps *nch*r *n * s*xt**nth c*nt*ry g*r*n**m
Poppy: Thr** p*ns *nd * gr*p* *n * tw*lfth c*nt*ry *ppl* tr**

This game was more entertaining than any of us anticipated, and weirdly, they all sound a bit like tics.

As soon as we’d finished, my tics suggested gave us a new challenge:

“Think of a nursery rhyme and replace every third word with ‘horse’.”

Here’s what we came up with:

LWI: Humpty Dumpty horse on a horse Humpty Dumpty horse a great horse
TH: Baa baa horse sheep have horse any wool horse sir no horse three bags horse
Poppy: Old McDonald horse a farm horse and on horse farm he horse a cow horse

I opened this game out to everyone on Twitter and Facebook. Here are some of my favourite responses:

@jgrb Polly put horse kettle on. Horse put the horse on. Polly horse the kettle horse. We’ll all horse tea.

@robotpinemarten Itsy Bitsy horse climbed up horse water spout horse came the horse and washed horse spider out.

@theladydoozer Jack Sprat horse eat no horse & his horse would eat horse lean and horse you see horse them both horse licked the horse clean.

@bonshui Ride a horse horse to horse cross and horse a fine horse upon a horse horse, rings on horse fingers and rings horse her toes.

Have a go yourself and share the results in the comments below. Or for more Tourettes games check out this post from last year.

I look horse to seeing horse results.

One response to Horse Play

  1. Dan Farrow says:

    I did "Wind the Bobbin Up" (wind the dobbin up?):

    Wind the horse up
    Wind horse bobbin up
    Horse, pull
    Clap horse clap.

    Wind horse back again
    Horse it back horse
    Pull, pull
    Horse clap clap.

    Horse to the horse
    Point to horse floor
    Point horse the window
    Horse to the horse

    Clap your horse together
    One horse three
    Put horse hands
    Upon horse knee.

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