Granddad in The Dock!

Roll up, roll up! It’s time for another guest post by Dylan, AKA Goalie Boy.

Dylan is twelve and has Tourettes. In his second guest post he shares a recent adventure. Look out for more blogs from Dylan in the coming weeks.

Take it away Dylan…

I was in court last Friday (which is where my mum says I should be!). Fortunately it was only the Galleries of Justice museum in central Nottingham.

As we arrived we entered into a courtroom where the tour guide picked four people out of the audience to stage a trial. My Granddad was asked to play one of the convicted men…his crime? He had arranged a revolt against the government!

Apparently in the time that the case was meant to be set, the decision was made by the leader of the court rather than a jury. My Granddad was deported to Australia – he got off lightly as the other convicted men were executed … a slow painful hang.

The good news is that whilst he is in prison he can sell his hair (this could be a problem as he is low on hair!) and get basic items such as lighting, a hammock, and get his leg irons removed. I guessed that hammocks are useful so you don’t have to sleep or step in poo.

When I was being shown round I started to get tired, and my violent tics kicked in,and bearing in mind we were looking around a prison cell, lunging towards small children was not the best tic to have!

The strategy to get rid of violent tics goes something like this: before I start to tic I get a tingling in my spine. I then tell my mum to hold me and then I ask her to count, and she keeps counting until the urge passes as I push the urge down and out of my spine. Sometimes I give up after 40 as it hurts so much, but the shortest I have counted to is 4 (yay result!).

Granddad, mum, and I went to La Tasca (Granddad has a few weeks prior to being deported to Australia!) and I ordered meatballs and garlic bread and homemade chocolate vanilla ice cream (with a chocolate).

My tic of the week is “I am a monkey!” which I shouted all the way through town, including a very interesting trip to Primark…. Until next time…“I am a monkey!”.

4 responses to Granddad in The Dock!

  1. bobcorrick says:

    Good blog, Dylan – hope your Grandad has a good trip 🙂

  2. AuntieC says:

    Brilliant. made me LOL, especially the ‘low on hair’ bit. Very entertaining x

  3. Rachowl says:

    Love it Dylan and I know it was a challenge to come up with this piece as you were ticcing a lot at the time. Glad I realised in time that you werent deliberately rubbing the picture out and grabbed the rubber off you having already confiscating the pens to safety lol- it still looks good. Proud of you as always son xxx

  4. Goalie-boy says:

    Thanks for all your comments everyone.

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