Plane View

I was on my own at the castle for a few hours this evening with Leftwing Idiot on call if I needed him – which I did.

I was sitting in the living room when I started to have a ‘ticcing fit’. The top half of my body slid off onto the floor while my legs stayed on the sofa. My body had gone completely rigid and my head was arched back towards the glass doors – I found myself staring out into the night. Thankfully I’d been able to press the call button on my phone and knew Leftwing Idiot would be on the way.

As I waited, half on and half off the sofa, all I could see was sky. In the time I was waiting two aeroplanes crossed my field of vision. As the second plane came into view I thought that means he’ll be here soon. I was right – moments after the plane disappeared I heard him unlocking the front door.

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