Thatcher’s Here, My Lord

I’ve written before about my tics’ strange ability to see into the future. They were able to predict the Jimmy Savile scandal long before the story broke, and they’ve become so finely tuned that I’ve decided to share their clairvoyance in my World of the Zodiac video horoscope.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that for the last few days I’ve been predicting the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Actually, the earliest of these predictions was last year, when I suddenly announced:

“Thatcher died, history sat on her head.”

As I’ve been pottering about at the castle I’ve found myself singing the following song, to the tune of Kumbaya, so as a fitting tribute to our former PM why not sing along with me?

“Thatcher’s here my Lord, Thatcher’s here.
Thatcher’s here my Lord, Thatcher’s here.
Thatcher’s here my Lord, Thatcher’s here.
Oh Lord, here she is.”

To continue the tribute, click here, to read many more Thatcher-related tics.

One response to Thatcher’s Here, My Lord

  1. ocdguyocdguyocdguy says:

    Wow – That’s brilliant Jess…although I’m not *entirely* surprised! I knew it! Tourettes is such a complex and misunderstood syndrome…Let’s be Honest…no-one knows diddely-squat about it really!…But I *Knew* it!..I ‘Knew’ there was a ‘spiritual gift’ aspect to it! Dammit, I should listen to my gut instinct more often…unlike that time 5 or 6 mates said "Go on Steve! Give that wasps nest a good kicking! Teach those weaklings a lesson!". I had a Baaad Feeling about that!…Bah…Shoulda Listened 😉

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