To Zip Or Not to Zip

This week is the first of a two-week Easter playscheme where I work. During previous Easter holidays we’ve had water-fights, needed only t-shirts, and everyone’s needed to constantly re-apply sun cream. But not this year. This year it’s been snow instead of sun!

The cold snap’s raised an old, familiar dilemma for me, though it’s not one I’ve written about before. In the grand scheme of things it’s very minor but as I pondered what to do for the best this afternoon I decided I’d write about it. So here’s the big question:

Do I zip my jacket all the way up because it’s cold, even though it hurts my hand more because I hit the zip when I thump my chest.

Or do I avoid the problem of my hand hitting the metal zip by leaving the top of my jacket open, and feel cold?

In reality this doesn’t need to be a dilemma, and there are many possible solutions – a scarf, thicker padded gloves, a jacket with a different way of fastening. But because it’s not a big problem, I only ever think of it at the point when the wind’s howling round my neck or the snow’s drifting down my top.

Hopefully the weather will perk up very soon and I won’t need to think about this again until autumn, and by then I’ll definitely have got my act together and sorted out a solution….


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