World of the Zodiac - Aries

Last October I posted my first ticced horoscopes. They prompted lots of positive feedback and I enjoyed getting in touch with my mystical side. Leftwing Idiot’s friend Gemma thought they’d make good videos so a few weeks ago we set about recording a series of predictions, one for each star sign, which we’re going to post month by month.

While I don’t profess to possess any true supernatural powers I am blessed with unusual neurology. Most of my regular tics are entirely random and unrelated to anything that’s happening around me, but it’s possible to trigger a flurry of tics on a particular theme by talking about it persistently enough. Having unearthed my flare for planetary advice it seemed a shame to waste it.

Today I’m proud to bring you the first of my mystic predictions ¬– it’s for those of you born under the sign of the Ram, Aries.

I hope you enjoy the many insights, but if you choose to follow any of the advice, you do so at your own risk.

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  1. ClaireB says:

    I can’t wait for Scorpio! Well, as long as I don’t get told to wash my hair in anything gross again.

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