A Wee Problem

I’ve described many times the difficulties I have with standing up. My tics mean my knees bend uncontrollably so that I suddenly drop to the floor. This poses many challenges.

One of these (that I’m sure I haven’t written about before) is the logistical challenge of trying to pull my trousers up after having a wee. So tonight, as I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to hear, I’m going to do just that.

I can usually get into the loo alright. I take down my trousers while kneeling on the floor in front of the toilet and then pull myself backwards up onto the seat. Once safely there I can usually manage to stay on long enough to have a wee. Then, with the help of a grab rail, I can even deal with wiping.

But after that it gets tricky. Pulling my trousers up with one hand takes a while and usually involves me dropping to the floor several times before the job is completed satisfactorily.

My current favourite solution accepts the floor as a part of the process. I stand up and try to yank my trousers up quickly while my tics and gravity inevitably pull me downwards.

Every trip to the loo ends with the familiar thud of my kneepads hitting the floor. I leave the toilet every time thinking there must be a better way of doing this – but if there is, I’m yet to discover it.

5 responses to A Wee Problem

  1. pybus says:

    maybe wear skirts more often, not very practical in general, but in this particular instance might do the trick?

  2. tauntedoctopus says:

    When I was having mobility issues (knees stuck bent) I’d often end up putting my pants on lying down on my back. If you’re already lying down you can’t fall over, although I admit lying on the bathroom floor isn’t the most appealing thing in the world. A rug in the bathroom helps.

  3. AutisticMajor says:

    What about having someone sew big cloth handles on the insides of your trousers? They would hang down inside and stick out when the trousers went down, giving you something more to grab on and also so you wouldn’t have to bend down as far.

  4. bilvie says:

    How about trouser clips? They’re similar to what AutisticMajor suggested. I had a quick look online and I think some residents at the care home I work at use these as well. I think they work by clips attaching to the trousers and attach the other end to your upper body. You can pull them up part way and still have at least one hand free because the trousers stay up with the clips once you stand.

  5. Thanks very much for all the suggestions. I’ll give some a try and keep you posted on my progress.

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