Who You Gonna Call?

I went to work on Saturday so I’ve got today off to make up for it, but because it’s Monday and everybody’s at work or busy, finding someone to support me has proved problematic, especially because I can’t afford to pay someone from an agency for a full day.

I was stuck and in need of help. So who do you call at a time like this?


Ever dependable, my mum responded with enthusiasm and as I write she’s sitting on a train speeding on her way to the castle. I’m looking forward to spending the day with her and as soon as she arrives we’ll decide what we’re going to do.

A couple of years ago actor and comedian Liz Carr wrote about Plan M –her emergency backup plan when all else fails – so I know I’m in good company.

I know it’s not Mothers’ Day, but it is a day when I’d like to say ‘Thank you, mum, for always responding to my calls for help, however old I am.’

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