I’m Still Standing

Yesterday Leftwing Idiot described how my first day back in the office had ended with me leaving in an ambulance because I was having a long and painful ‘ticcing fit’. Not a great start to the week.
I was looked after very well by Fran, Leftwing Idiot, and all the staff at King’s. As soon as I got to the hospital, they were able to stop my super-fit with strong medication. This has always worked quickly but it makes me very dopey. I don’t like this at all and I was reluctant to take it again, but not as reluctant as I was for the fit keep going.
The effects of the medication haven’t worn off yet, and I’ve been sleeping for much of the day. But there’s been one much more desirable consequence of taking it – it seems to have improved my walking, temporarily at least. I’ve still been wobbly, but noticeably less so than usual. Leftwing Idiot thinks he remembers this being the case last time as well. But sadly, this evening my walking’s returning to its familiar chaotic state.
When my ‘ticcing fits’ first started happening every day I tried taking a much smaller dose of the same medication they gave me in hospital in the hope that it might help control them. But even a tiny dose had overwhelming side effects, stopping me working or doing anything much besides sleeping. Maybe my walking improved then too, but I didn’t notice because I was too exhausted to walk about.
I enjoyed my brief spell of increased mobility this morning and it left me feeling hopeful that in future things may improve.  Right now though I’m just enjoying taking it easy and letting myself recover slowly.

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