Snow’s been falling at the castle all day and a gleaming layer of it is now covering everything. The sight of falling snow always gives me an exhilarating mix of excitement and anxiety.

The anxiety comes from how much harder it is to get about. In previous years snow and ice would have inevitably meant I’d be stuck indoors because the slippery conditions outside would’ve made it impossible for me to walk, even with support.

This is the first proper snowfall since I’ve been using a wheelchair. I was very keen to find out how my chair would cope with it and because I’d got another funding application that needed posting urgently, I had the perfect excuse to give it a try.

My support worker, Will, was a little more hesitant but despite his reservations he gave it a go. To our surprise and delight the chair managed well. Will said it didn’t feel much different from normal.

I felt full of joy as we glided along the roads blank with snow, and with more drifting down around us. It was the first time in years I’d been out in the snow without the spirit-dampening knowledge that I’d soon be falling in it.

My tics responded excitedly, declaring that we were on a “Snow-venture, it’s like an adventure, but with snow.”

Back in the warmth of the castle Will and I agreed that our snow-venture had been a success, and we were very pleased we’d given it a whirl.

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