It’s the middle of the night and I’ve opened my computer to write about a very unpleasant dream I’ve just had.
Here’s what happened:

Poppy and I were out shopping in town. We left my wheelchair outside a trendy knick-knack shop as it wasn’t accessible, and Poppy helped me walk around and browse. She considered getting a wooden toy for her niece but decided not to. When we left the shop it’d just started raining and we discovered that my wheelchair cushion had vanished. I overreacted and started to get distressed. Poppy held on to me but then we both toppled over. I hit the ground hard and felt her come down too. We skidded along holding on to each other for what felt like ages.

Then I woke up.

I could feel my heart beating faster than normal from the shock. My first feeling was huge relief that I hadn’t actually hurt Poppy. Then I realised I was having a ‘ticcing fit’ and that I was completely locked up and unable to move. This caused a second wave of panic.

Moments later I started to say, ‘How’ – the noise I often make when I’m fitting. Poppy soon heard and came in to check on me.

As soon as I got my speech back I described my dream, and apologised for hurting her in my sleep.

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