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It’s a Cardboard Envelope

Amongst the post I collected on my way in after work this evening there was a small oblong, package for Poppy – a cardboard envelope wrapped in plastic. The detail of the packaging is relevant only because it was what … read more

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Funny, Peculiar

I’ve described before how my tics make me overreact if I feel any heightened emotion, whether it’s anger, sadness, happiness or excitement.

This evening I was hanging out with Fran and I ticced: “What do you get when you cross … read more

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Tourettes on the Brain

Tourettes has been in the media spotlight today, with features on BBC Breakfast, Inside Out West Midlands and in the Daily Telegraph.

The focus of these stories is a study being carried out at the University of Nottingham, … read more

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Shifting Times

In just under two weeks time Poppy’s moving out of the castle and into a new house with Zoë and two other friends. Not having a flatmate will mean making some adjustments to my routine, and one big change will … read more

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Tics Grow into Art

My friend Keir has cropped up in this blog many times, sometimes when he’s been helping me out or when we’ve been dancing or when he’s produced amazing tic-inspired art for our website. Last night he managed all three in … read more

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Two Friends, Two Under Twos and Tourettes Too

I haven’t seen Laura for weeks. I think this is one of the longest periods we’ve gone without meeting up in our fifteen years of friendship. A number of factors have conspired to keep us apart – my operation, the … read more

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Everywhere I go my red bag goes too. It’s my emergency bag and contains everything I need when I have a ‘ticcing fit‘. One of the things in contains is a plastic wallet for the sheets my support … read more

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Is Biscuit Your Child or Your Dog?

This morning I got a call from a police officer who’d been looking at burglary patterns in our area over Christmas. He wanted to ask me about the attempted break-in at the castle on Christmas Eve.
I hadn’t spoken to … read more

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I’m Still Standing

Yesterday Leftwing Idiot described how my first day back in the office had ended with me leaving in an ambulance because I was having a long and painful ‘ticcing fit’. Not a great start to the week.
I … read more

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Third Time Lucky?

Today’s post comes to you from Leftwing Idiot:

I was at home working on some IT stuff with my dad this afternoon when I got a call from Fran saying Touretteshero, back at work for the first day after recovering … read more