Happy Christmas My Biscuits

Each day since the beginning of December I’ve posted a Christmas related tic as my festive outburst. In the last few weeks I’ve shared seasonal tips, poems and messages – all building up to today!

This morning I’ve just got one message for you – Happy Christmas!

My tics, however, have many more and if I’d let them choose, the message would’ve been a lot less universal:

“Happy Christmas, Brian.”
“Happy Christmas, ostrich lovers.”
“Happy Christmas, dear otter.”
“Happy Christmas, brisket.”
“Happy Christmas, Harry Enfield.”
“Happy Christmas, dolphin.”
“Happy Christmas, relatives in dressing gowns.”
“Happy Christmas, Saint-Tropez.”

I’m looking forward to a happy, laid-back day. I’ve woken up at King Russell and Fat Sister’s and we’ve just had a festive breakfast together. In a bit I’ll be off to have lunch with Leftwing Idiot and his family and later tonight I’ll be back at the castle for an evening hopefully featuring more of the Christmas ‘f’s – food, films and friendship.

As well as being a time of celebration and joy, Christmas can sometimes be a time of pressure, frenzied activity and tension. This year, to help stay relaxed, I’ve made a few promises to myself. Here they are:

Today I’ll….

• Be screen-free (no phone or laptop)
• Take time to listen to others and enjoy their company
• Not get upset if my tics spoil surprises
• Take a deep breath if I feel tense
• Go with the flow and let the day unfold

Wherever you are or whatever you’re doing I wish you an enjoyable, peaceful day.
For anyone feeling sad, ill or lonely I send you my love and hope you have happier days soon.

Love to all!

(In particular – Anyone called Brian, the wives and girlfriends of flightless birds, semiaquatic mammals, beef cuts, comedians, sea creatures, relatives not yet dressed, or anyone resident in the South of France.)

Festive Outburst:
“Happy Christmas my biscuits.”

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  1. AutisticMajor says:

    Happy Christmas to you as well.

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