How I Roll

One of the first tics I ever shared on this site was: “Your bum’s gone roller disco.”

I’ve always liked this tic but until tonight my bum hadn’t been near a roller disco for years. That all changed this evening when Bunny and I went to a nearby roller-skating club with some other friends from work.

I loved it! I didn’t need to borrow skates because I came with my own four wheels. Having the opportunity to go fast on a level surface was wonderful and something I never get to do on London’s bumpy pavements.

Friends took turns to push and I helped by propelling myself along too. The highlight though, was being pushed by one of the pro-skaters. I adored the fast winding ride they gave me. One of the marshals was less than helpful when it came to getting me up the few steps to the next level, where the toilet was. As we approached the steps he shook his head and said ‘Nah, hah, nah, too much work!’ But neither Bunny nor I accepted his response and insisted on his help.

Other than that, the roller club staff were brilliantly accommodating. Whenever I was on the rink I needed to have a marshal skating next to me to help prevent any collisions with wobbly skaters and they were always ready to do this. One marshal danced in front of me, proudly demonstrating his skating skills.

I very rarely get ‘leg envy’ these days, but watching the speed skaters I was definitely very jealous of their limb control. I used to roller-skate a lot when I was younger, so this evening brought back many happy memories.

I know Fat Sister’s keen we try ice-skating over Christmas and after this exciting evening I’m definitely up for it.

Festive Outburst:

“Santa Clause died singing a song about a ladybird called Esther.”

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