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Year of the Biscuit

The final post of any year feels like a big deal. But at the end of such a busy year this one feels particularly significant.

As the third year of Touretteshero comes to a close I feel incredibly proud of … read more

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Longing to Get Lost

On Christmas Day, Leftwing Idiot came with his dad to take me to lunch at his parents’ home. The streets were empty and I enjoyed this because I always find London particularly exciting when it’s quiet.

We drove through a … read more

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Pick of the Year

Leftwing Idiot’s mum emailed this morning to say she’d heard my Woman’s Hour interview was going to feature as a Pick of the Year on the programme this afternoon. I’m very happy about this because – of the many interviews … read more

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It’s New Year’s resolutions time again, when we all promise ourselves we’ll get fit and lose weight after the excesses of Christmas, or even take on the really big challenges of drinking less or giving up smoking. But how many … read more



This morning my carer picked me up from Leftwing Idiot’s and we went back to the castle. As we turned the corner into my street a jolt of discomfort shot up my back and my muscles instantly tensed and twisted … read more

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The Lamp-Post Fails Again

A couple of days ago when Zoë and I came back to the castle after we’d been out for a drink, we had a bit of a shock. We’d just come in and I’d turned off the burglar alarm when … read more

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Happy Christmas My Biscuits

Each day since the beginning of December I’ve posted a Christmas related tic as my festive outburst. In the last few weeks I’ve shared seasonal tips, poems and messages – all building up to today!

This morning I’ve … read more

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The Night Before Christmas

Today, if you’re a child, you’ll be eagerly anticipating the joy that tomorrow will bring. If you’re an adult, you’re probably sick and tired of the festive season and worrying about getting the presents wrapped up and the food prepared … read more

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I’m not afraid of spiders, but I’m not mad keen on them either.

Earlier, I was lying on my bed doing a bit of work when I started to have a ‘ticcing fit’ – my muscles tensed and … read more

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Have You Heard the One About the Celebrity and the Stereotypical Tourettes Joke?

Tonight on his TV chat show Jonathan Ross described Jamie Oliver as being ‘Like Gordon Ramsey but without the Tourettes.’ I’m not particularly worked up by this comment but I do want to say once again, and as clearly as … read more