The Ninny Bus Formula

My tics have an amazing knack for latching on to a formula and producing a whole array of variations on a theme – much to the delight of my friends.

Let me explain.

Recently, for no reason at all, ‘Ninny Bus’ has been creeping in as a regular tic. Once I’ve said it, either prompted or unprompted, my tics then explain, ‘It’s like a minibus, but for ninnies.’

And so, a formula is born: X – it’s like Y, but for Z

Here are some of the most recent variations:

Bridal wave – it’s like a tidal wave, but for brides.

Monk beds – they’re a bit like bunk beds, but for monks.

Nanjos – they’re like banjos, but for nans.

Brianair – it’s like Ryanair, but for Brian.

This being Tourettes, though, even when following a formula the results can be wildly unpredictable:

Hatgammon – it’s like Backgammon, but for socks.

Paul Flower – it’s like a wallflower, but for sorting offices.

Why not have a go at creating some of your own? You can share the results in the comments section below.

One response to The Ninny Bus Formula

  1. aslifeticsby says:

    Crim-man! – The superhero that only saves Criminals. aka POINTLESS!

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