I started having a ‘ticcing fit’ earlier but was – as is often the case – reluctant to admit it. I’d got stuck on my hands and knees, with all my muscles locked in place. My arms were bent at the elbows and my hands had curled into the shape of claws.

Poppy: Are you having a fit?

TH: No, I’m just being a jaguar.

Poppy: Oh really? So you can turn round by yourself, then?

(Clearly I couldn’t so she came over and laid me down in a more comfortable position)

Poppy: Still not having a fit?

TH: Roar!!!!

Later my transformation into a big cat went a stage further when Poppy gave me an amazing new pair of gloves she’d made for me:

Photo: Matthew Pountney

2 responses to “Jaguar”

  1. Logan3048 says:

    Like a Thunder Cat with a biscuit

  2. Catwings says:

    You’ve worded that as though a picture of gloves should appear, will it follow?

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