In addition to “Hedgehog” (now being said with an unusual American accent) and “Brian” (with a slight Welsh accent) I’ve got a new regular tic, “London”, pronounced with a strong cockney accent so it sounds like ‘Laandan.’ Everyone seems to enjoy this newcomer and it always makes me smile.

For the record, when it comes to non-ticced speaking I’m hopeless at accents.

2 responses to Laandan!

  1. Casey B says:

    Oh, yes!

    Your blog never fails to make me laugh, TH.

    Thanks for every single one, hedgehogs, capital cities, proper nouns and lampposts….


  2. bilvie says:

    I’m the same with accents! I can do random voices, but not a proper accent. I’ve been testing my Tourettes lately to see if I can echo back (I have echolalia) when my flatmate puts on an accent., disappointing results so far 🙁

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