At the launch party for my book ‘Welcome to Biscuit Land’ last month, just before I started my speech I ticced to the whole room, “Lets all go to Nando’s” to the tune of my old favourite I Came, I Saw, I Conga’d. I could see from their expressions that at least three people in the audience were particularly struck by this invitation.

Tonight these three friends, Hannah, Emma and Laura, and I, finally made it to Nando’s. They’re some of my oldest friends – we all lived together twelve years ago and we’ve maintained a close friendship ever since.

There have been times when my tics have made maintaining these friendships tricky. Sometimes it’s been for practical reasons – for example, just working out how to meet up or get around is more difficult than it used to be. Sometimes the reasons have been more emotional. I think many of my friends have found it hard to see my tics getting worse and haven’t known how best to support me, though this has got easier as I’ve got better at identifying what I need and asking for help.

I was glad my tics had played such a central part in tonight’s get-together by suggesting the venue – and prompting our craving for a chicken dinner.

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