Just me and Brian

I feel much more settled than I did yesterday. I was back at work and had a large task to complete, which kept me busy all day and needed a lot of concentration. I was very satisfied when it was finished.

I got back to the castle this evening feeling tired but pleased with myself. Bunny’s coming to do my night time support but she won’t be here until later, Poppy’s in Berlin and Leftwing Idiot’s gone to Nottingham.

I’m alone at the castle, but not without help if I need it. King Russell isn’t far away and he’s on call. I’ll only be alone for a few hours, and what I’m doing is pretty much exactly what I’d be doing if other people were about – but it feels wonderful to have a bit of time completely to myself.

But I’m not completely alone because there’s still “Brian.”
“Brian-Brian, Brian-Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian Briaaannn” – to the chorus of Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Love of All.

I’d forgotten how strange it sounds to hear my tics echoing around the place when I’m on my own – strange, but funny!

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