Birthday Suit

This morning I had a ‘ticcing fit’ in the bath. I managed to drag a towel over myself and press the buzzer for help. Bunny rushed in to help me, and when I recovered my speech I told her about my fear of having a ‘fit’ naked. I explained that when I’m getting dressed or having a wash, I’m always very aware of needing to be quick so I don’t have to call for help when I’m in the nude.

Last month I described how my ticcing fits meant I’d never spent a night alone in the castle. While talking to Bunny I realised they’ve also meant I’ve never slept here in my birthday suit.

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  1. Catwings says:

    do you ever press the alarm buzzer as a tic?
    reminds me of a tic I used to have where I’d basically jerk my trousers/pants down. Definitely not one of my favourites! a sturdy belt was a necessity!

  2. When I first got the buzzer I was worried I would but so far this hasn’t been a problem.

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