New Life For Brian?

Last week I wrote about the loss of my ‘”Biscuit” tic which was suddenly and mysteriously replaced by “Hedgehog”. Over the last week “Hedgehog” has receded a little and I’ve ticced “Biscuit” again a few times, although not nearly as often as before.

Leftwing Idiot’s missing “Biscuit”, and he’s been trying to re-introduce it by saying it repeatedly in front of me. Poppy and Bunny were taking a similar approach this afternoon and trying to get me to tic “Biscuit”. When I managed it they complained that it didn’t sound right and that I was ticcing it incorrectly.

Another new tic has also emerged. Unlike “Hedgehog” this one didn’t burst in from nowhere. It’s been creeping in over several weeks, but it is like “Hedgehog” in that it’s random and inexplicable. What is this strange new tic? It’s “Brian”.

I can guess what you’re thinking – ‘Who’s Brian?’ That’s a good question and one I can’t answer. There aren’t any notable Brians in my life and it’s not a name I can recall hearing recently – well, at least not before I started ticcing it hundreds of times a day with a slight Welsh accent.

Who knows how long “Brian” will hang around? At the moment what is clear is that none of my friends are big fans of “Brian”, no one, that is, except Zoë: “Brian” just makes her giggle

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  1. Hankie says:

    I had a sheep called Brian, it was a ewe. Not a ewe-knee-corn; a lady sheep.

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