Hello Hedgehog

I’ve prematurely announced the end of my biscuit tic several times before. I might be doing so again now, but as I reach 24 hours with only a handful of biscuits, it seems like maybe this time it’s really gone!

But although I’m not saying, ‘Biscuit’ sixteen times a minute I’ve certainly not gone quiet. At some point last night while I was at a cabaret fundraiser with some friends from work, ’Biscuit’ became ‘Hedgehog’!

When Poppy came in this morning she laughed and asked the question on everyone’s lips – ‘Has biscuit really gone?’ She stood contemplating all the hedgehogs for a minute before saying: ‘I like it.’

For the rest of the morning as we both went about our business I could hear her giggling periodically whenever I said ‘Hedgehog.’ Later, while we were having a cup of tea together, she said she’d got so used to ‘Biscuit’ she didn’t notice it anymore, but she hadn’t got used to ‘Hedgehog’ yet, so she was hearing every one.

I’ve no idea if this tic will stick or why it’s ‘Hedgehog’ – there were certainly no hedgehogs at the cabaret. This sudden switch is yet another Tourettes mystery.

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  1. Catwings says:

    I’ve had hedgehog as an occasional tic, i think my brain likes it because it’s slightly alliterative.

    are you getting sick of the biscuit tic? there are some of my frequent ones of mine that i really want to go away, not because it’s painful or anything, just because they’ve gone on so long, or I’ve grown to associate a tic with something I want to go away, and i just get bored of them and look forward to their replacements.

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