“Help! I’m stuck down a well.”

Back in July I spent several days with a charming Australian film crew for a piece they were doing about Tourettes. Doing things for TV can be quite daunting, but the Channel 7 team were friendly, relaxed and happy to share the funny side of my tics.

We’d been recording an interview in a café on a miserable Sunday afternoon and were having a cup of tea and a chat. Leftwing Idiot mentioned that sometimes during interviews – like LiveTalk – I let my tics take over and tell the story.

Rahni Sadler, who’d been asking the questions that afternoon, said she’d be up for giving it a go, so they set up the cameras and the following video is the result.

It’s a testimony to Rahni’s professionalism that she was able keep going even after I’d got her to admit that she too had an otter lover.

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