Green Screen Cheese

The dust is starting to settle after last night’s amazing book launch. I’ve been exhausted all day and frustratingly I’m feeling under the weather again!

We had over 100 guests, some from as far away as Scotland, to celebrate the launch with me, and to eat lots of biscuits – but even so, we’ve got more left than I could possibly eat in my lifetime.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the tic-inspired food – I loved seeing my tics coming to life like this. And it wasn’t just the food where the tics were in control. Keir spent the whole evening getting people involved in Green Screen Cheese – an activity that only existed because the phrase had popped out of my mouth some time last year.

Unwitting guests were given giant pieces of cheese to hold and asked to pose in front of a makeshift paper green screen. They could then choose a background from a selection on Keir’s computer and when they were ready he would capture the image. I think the results are great. Here’s a selection of the best of them:

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