Seat Dreams

I’ve talked before about how Tourettes manifests itself in my dreams and how I still tic when I’m dreaming.

Last night I had a dream that stood out, not because of what it was about, but because it was the first I can remember in which I was using a wheelchair and being helped by a support worker.

The dream involved me being pushed around London in my chair, being late for things, getting frustrated when the wheels kept falling off, and feeling envious at the sight of other people’s superior wheelchairs.

All this was pretty much indistinguishable from everyday reality, but it became more dreamlike when, for some reason, my chair suddenly turned into something like a rudimentary sailboat…on castors!

When I woke up I felt pleased that the practical support I need everyday has become part of my dream world too.

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  1. anka-anka says:

    Dreams are funny things, aren’t they? I have just read your book – I actually pre-ordered it after reading excerpts on the net, and then read it in two sessions, as I couldn’t put it down. I loved it – so, so impressed with you as a person, but also with your writing. Well put, touching, funny – really great. As for the dream-theme: yesterday, I woke up, saying out loud "derogatory vampire with samphire". I haven’t got Tourette’s, but I have finished reading your book just before I went to sleep. And I had eaten marsh samphire for the first time in my life. Where the vampire came from, I don’t know. All the very best to you! 🙂

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