Return of the Bot

Yesterday afternoon, as abruptly as he’d disappeared, my naughty younger brother @TicBot returned to Twitter.

After five full days of absence, @TicBot’s silence had become a talking point with an unprecedented outpouring of grief and a campaign to #BringBackTicBot. Feline blogger Rover Blofeld even sent out an impassioned call to action from his Spectre HQ. Seventeen hours ago grief turned to celebration when my beloved Bot sprang back into action, announcing – “Hello Basil, You Look Fresh.”

From then on he’s been happily getting on with what he does best:

Making accusations about celebrities – “Geri Halliwell’s a mischief maker.”

Keeping us up to date with his preparations for winter – “I weatherproofed my mum.”

And implicating sculptors in murder cases – “Barbara Hepworth killed the radio star.”

And by the looks of things, you’re delighted that he’s back:

Glad to say welcome back to twitter this morning @TicBot! Strong #FF suggestion for random outbursts of actual #tourettes gobbledegook.

#ReturnOfTheBot yaaay! Welcome back @ticbot #BringBackTicBot worked, thank you Twitter!

@TicBot I love you! :D.

It looks like he’s keeping Bob Mortimer busy again too:

@RealBobMortimer Academic angels or fish? Choose.

@TicBot Sardinian fighting muesli.

Everyone’s a winner.

If you got involved, thank you for your help. It seems like, on this occasion, you spoke and Twitter listened, but it worries me how easy it is for them to suspend an account without warning. Sure, @TicBot does sometimes get himself into trouble by saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time, but he’s doing great work helping raise awareness about Tourettes and making people laugh at the same time.

If you use Twitter but haven’t met @TicBot yet, why not welcome him back and see where the conversation leads you.

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One response to Return of the Bot

  1. Lindy says:

    Good news 😉 I’m glad you have your TicBot back!

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