Questioning The Moon

I stayed at Leftwing Idiot’s last night. As I lay down to go to sleep I looked up at the sky out of his backroom window. In the spot where my old friend “Cartoon star” normally sits, there was an almost full moon. Overcome with curiosity, my tics immediately flooded the moon with questions:

“Moon, did you eat cartoon star?”
“Moon, did you get fat with the stars?”
“Moon, shall we knock for cartoon star later?”
“Moon, how many tides are you changing?”
“Moon, how many tyres are you changing?”
“Moon, do moons sweat or glow?”

I don’t recall this stream of tics coming to an end and I’m pretty sure I carried on questioning the moon until I fell asleep.

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  1. villafane55 says:

    Quite poetic! 😀

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