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“…And Bears, 6, 7, 8”

A few months ago I fell in love with four Australians. They were over in the UK to film a piece about creative approaches to Tourettes. They filmed with me, Ruth and comedian Luke Montague who also has Tourettes. Their … read more


Message To Myself

A few weeks ago I got two advance copies of my book Welcome to Biscuit Land from the publisher. I kept one and gave the other to Leftwing Idiot. He asked me to write in his, which I did after … read more

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If you’re finding this site for the first time today, a very warm welcome. Let me tell you a bit about it and about me. I’m Touretteshero, the world’s first fully-fledged Tourettes superhero. Welcome to my website and my world.… read more


Baby Names

I was hanging out at the castle this evening with Leftwing Idiot, Poppy and Fran. All of a sudden I began ticcing about baby names.

“I’m going to name my child ‘Fruit Bowl’ or ‘Bowl Head’.”
“I’m going to call … read more


Opening Up

This morning the Daily Mail published an extract form my new book, Welcome to Biscuit Land, which is being published next week. Today’s the first time any of it has been seen outside this website. Seeing my words in … read more



Welcome to Biscuit Land: A Year in the Life of Touretteshero – described by Stephen Fry as ‘a charming, touching and valuable book’ – is out today.

I need your help to let as many people know about it as … read more

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The Joy of Hotknives

This time last month I was relaxing in a field with a lot of good friends at the Shambala festival. On the Saturday morning I met Captain Hotknives and his guitar. He started playing and almost immediately we were singing … read more


We Need to Talk About Biscuits

Talking about biscuits isn’t something I usually need to make time for – I do it all day, every day. The word “Biscuit” arrived as a frequent tic almost two years ago and my life’s been full of them ever … read more


Disabled Parking

Yesterday I went with Poppy to get my hair cut. We arrived early and as it was warm we decided to stop for a drink. There was a pub on a quiet side road where lots of people were outside … read more

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Operation Poppy

I went with Poppy to get my hair cut earlier. In the salon they had a selection of children’s board games which included the classic Operation.

Operation’s been around for years and involves removing plastic body parts from various … read more

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