It’s taken some time but I’ve got myself a new regular tic. It comes out with a mischievous intonation in a slightly silly voice. Although I still say “Biscuit” a lot, my sentences are now punctuated with “Rummage” as well.

Anyone who’s ever been to a jumble sale will know what it means to have a good rummage, but for those unfamiliar with the concept, it describes an ‘unsystematic and untidy search through a mass or receptacle.’

It’s not a word you hear very often, but if you’re around me at the moment, you’ll hear it every ten seconds or so.

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  1. Catwings says:

    A verb! This seems unusual to me as a frequent tic-word, most of my main ones are nouns like ‘fascists’ and ‘marmite’…

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