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In the last week there’ve been a lot of changes to my support schedule because my regular team have either been away or unwell. To my surprise, it’s not been too much of a problem – I’ve had different people helping me at work and I’ve been hanging out with Fat Sister and King Russell a lot in the evenings.

But I do have a very established routine and I’m used to seeing particular people on particular days. Because this has been disrupted I keep getting confused about what day it is. There’ve been a number of times I’ve had to concentrate hard to work out whereabouts in the week I am.

I often find gaps in my support schedule stressful and get caught up with trying to manage the complicated logistics. Leftwing Idiot’s always encouraged me to be more relaxed about it and regularly reminds me that it always works out in the end.

Honestly though, I’ve never found this very reassuring. I’ve always interpreted it to mean someone would step at the last minute in if they had to. This week’s made me realise he’s right and that this doesn’t mean having to put someone else out. I feel like I can relax a bit about it now and trust myself to make it work.

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