“I’m Going to Compete in the Olympics as a Sand Dune.”

Last night I stayed at Bunny’s and we watched part of the Olympic Opening Ceremony with her parents. As usual my tics added extra commentary, shouting out suggestions and repeatedly squealing, “Amdram!” whenever an emoting actor came on screen.

There were a couple of points when my tics went into overdrive. The first was early on when a choir sang ‘Jerusalem’. This rousing anthem always gets them going and true to form a flurry of new lyrics emerged:

“And did the heat in ancient times kill all the dogs in Basildon?”
“And did the grass on Windmill Hill bow down to you?”
“Walk upon lino stained with sauce.”
“Among these chiming Lidl tills”

Another old favourite provoked the second wave of over-excitement – this time it was thanks to Dizzee Rascal performing ‘Bonkers’. As well as singing along with my own ticced lyrics, I found myself pounding Bunny’s leg uncontrollably.

But I wasn’t the only one to overreact – Bunny got very excited during a Mr Bean sketch. I never knew she was such a fan.

I don’t know how I feel about the Olympics happening in London. I’m fairly disconnected from it even though the preparations have been happening all around me for months. It’s already caused a lot of disruption, which has made the already difficult job of getting around even tougher.

I enjoyed the Opening Ceremony though – it was funnier and more interesting than I’d expected. I was particularly pleased to see the NHS feature so prominently
after a year of criticism and crippling cuts.

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