No Stick in the Mud

I woke up this morning in a hot tent. I pulled myself out into a gloriously sunny day, leaving Poppy and Zoë sleeping inside. Fat Sister was busy doing some morning clearing up which included a bit of wheelchair maintenance.

Last night I lost a tyre in the mud. It hadn’t rained for several hours so the runny mud had started to become much stickier. The pulling-backwards technique got harder and eventually one of the tyres got wrenched off.

There’d been no way of moving without the risk of damaging me or the wheelchair, so we’d had to wait for one of the stewards to organise our rescue. It was two hours before a site vehicle arrived to give us a lift back to the accessible camping area.

So this morning Fat Sister tended to the chair. She got the tyre back on with the help of a steward and a couple of spoons. She also gave it a clean, though she recognised the futility of the exercise.

After that, we ventured out to get some breakfast. We agreed to stick to the main metal walkways where possible, but it quickly became clear that even this was tricky because of the drying mud. We went back to the tent and I had to sit outside it for most of the day. Various people dropped by, including Harry. Fat Sister got her dressed in her secret hen-do costume. Harry was the ringmaster and she was brilliantly surprised when she saw she had a full circus troop to accompany her. Later we headed out for more hen celebrations.

Poppy tried to organise a lift for us in one of the motorised buggies but they were all in use. We decided to try and get to the main stage just using the metal walkway, but this plan soon came un-stuck when it ended abruptly and a sea of mud stretched out in front us.

When Poppy saw a group of burly men with a boat she tried to persuade them to drag me across in it. They weren’t up for it though because they were worried about damaging the boat, but they were keen to try and carry me in the chair. In the process one of the big quick-release wheels came off dramatically. The man who’d been holding it looked mortified. So even this plan didn’t work.

Undeterred, Poppy and Zoë were immediately on the case with another plan. They flagged down a passing buggy and the driver agreed to help us get past the mud. I’m glad we persevered because we had a great time when we caught up with the others. The main stage had an accessible viewing platform, which meant I could see more than the backs of people’s legs. It was also a fantastic spot for watching the spectacular fireworks display that ended the night.

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