A Tic-Influenced Story

Last night Bunny and I went to an art event in East London where a diverse group of artists, actors, and musicians showed work they’d all made in response to a book called Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. There were lots of interesting, interactive installations including maps you could draw, magnetic scrabble pieces to move about, a light that flashed in time with the music and compliment pegs you could write on and attach to people. There was also a typewriter that people were encouraged to use to write letters and stories.

Bunny and I had a laugh doing this and collaborated on a story. My tics provided ideas and helped guide what we wrote. Here it is:

This wasn’t the only contribution my tics made to the evening. There was a touch of Tour-voyancy during one of the performances. Bunny’s friend Lori – an amazing singer songwriter – was performing a set and during one of her songs I randomly ticced about “The great pigeon massacre.” There’s no way Lori could have heard, but Bunny did. So it was much to our surprise when, a few songs later, Lori said ‘And this is a song about …..pigeons.”

All through this song I added additional ticced lyrics including:

“Don’t sniff a pigeon.”
“Pigeon watch out for hawks.”
“Ken Livingstone pigeon cull.”

This all gave a surreal and funny twist to the night.

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