Happy Days

Most people will know that today is Father’s day. What you may not know is that tomorrow is another day of celebration – it’s the start of National Carers Week. The week celebrates the work that the 6.4 million unpaid carers in the UK do.

Over the next seven days I’ll be marking this important event by handing the blog over to the people who support me, week in week out. My personal budget pays some of them for some of their time, but they all provide a huge amount of unpaid care too. Their help keeps me safe, happy and to able to make a positive contribution to my community. Their skilful, sensitive support has seen me through some tricky times.

Government spending cuts mean that support for disabled people and those who care for them, is diminishing. It’s now more important than ever that the voices of carers are heard.

In the run up to National Carers Week eight big organisations joined forces to carry out a survey of carers to assess the impact that cuts to social care budgets were having. The findings are detailed in a report called In Sickness and in Health. It calls for urgent action to ensure the needs of carers are met.

As well as reading the next seven guest posts, celebrate the week by getting involved, or if you’re a carer, by getting support. Take the time to find out how to campaign for change and help push for better services, rights, and recognition for carers so that no one who provides invaluable support is left to struggle alone.

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