Disaster Strikes

It’s a bank holiday and I’d been having a leisurely, slow-paced day. But this afternoon Poppy, Leftwing Idiot and I watched a film and that was far from laid back.

It was Leftwing Idiot’s choice – a 1970’s disaster movie called the The Poseidon Adventure. The basic plot involves a cruise ship getting turned upside down by a tidal wave. We watch a brave group of passengers and crew trying to escape for the rest of the film. It was brilliant but tense.

I’ve described before how my tics often over-react during films and this afternoon was no exception. We made it through to the end, but two serious injuries were sustained in the process.

The first occurred during a particularly exciting scene. I threw myself out of my seat and one knee landed heavily on a protruding floorboard nail. I was in agony but I wasn’t the only casualty of the film. The second disaster struck a while later when out of nowhere my arm suddenly hit Leftwing Idiot hard in his balls.

He spent several minutes moaning in agony, accompanied by dramatic music from the TV and my constant apologies. There was a real sense of relief when the end credits rolled and, like the handful of characters left on screen, we found we’d survived.

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