A Tic-Tastic Challenge

It’s been a drizzly but happy day. I’m sitting on the sofa at Claire’s mum and dad’s house in Norfolk. Their dog Mollie is leaning against my legs, and Claire and Ruth are watching TV. I can’t think of a more relaxing place to be.

We’re away on another adventure. We came up last night because our friend Pierce was undertaking an unusual challenge nearby and we all wanted to be there to cheer him on.

For the last few weeks, Pierce who’s eleven, and his mum Sam have been on a fundraising mission. Today was the culmination of their efforts and Pierce successfully completed his Tic-Tastic Egg and Spoon Challenge.

Pierce undertook to walk around a park in Diss balancing a super-size egg on an equally oversized spoon. This wasn’t as simple as it sounds because Pierce has Tourettes and has involuntary spasms in his arms and legs.

Pierce did amazingly well and there was a big crowd to cheer him on despite the rain. He seemed really pleased to see me at the finish line where I presented him with a bespoke biscuit.

Well done Pierce.