A Careless Change

Since last September I’ve had a carer from an agency every morning and evening, and for the last seven months it’s been the same person. Last week, out of the blue, this changed and each visit now is from a different person.

I rang the agency a couple of times to find out if my regular carer was OK, away, or something else. This evening I was told she’d decided she only wanted to work in a particular area so she wouldn’t be coming back. This was a shock and felt like quite a blow.

I couldn’t help feeling hurt that she hadn’t told me she wouldn’t be coming any more, and I worried it might have been something I’d done that made her want to go. Having someone in your home every day providing you with care is an intimate experience for everyone involved. I’m sad not to have been able to say a proper goodbye and thank you to the person who’s been a big part of my life during a tricky time.

The agency didn’t appreciate the impact of this sudden change and didn’t communicate it at all well. Providing support is more than just a job, real friendships can quickly develop and it’s upsetting when these are suddenly cut off without a word.

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  1. Paul Paul says:

    You’re quite right. I’ve seen many different psychiatrists. Continuity is so important.

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