We Are The Robots

Friday the 13th got off to an ominous start when I had an extra long ‘ticcing fit’ in the early hours of the morning. Thankfully this didn’t turn out to be a theme for the day. That was robots.

It was the last day of our Easter playscheme at the playground where I work. To mark this, and to celebrate the start of a new arts project, we had a day packed with robot-related activities. The children designed their own robots, made robots costumes, and worked with a group of artists who’re making a pair of giant robots to sit on the roof of the Hayward Gallery this summer.

I don’t often get a whole day of working with children on the site. My job’s normally more office-based. So today was a brilliant change of scene. I spent the whole time helping children make their costumes. At the end they showed off their incredible creations with a Robot Parade. The weather stayed fine all the way through and fortunately a hailstorm held off until the children had gone home.

It was a superb day and I had fantastic support from Sophie, a new support worker. It made a lovely end to the Easter holidays, and a great start to the weekend – exactly the sort of day I needed.

I’ve been feeling a bit low over the last few days, probably because the warmer weather and light evenings remind me that it’s been a year since my mobility deteriorated. Last summer was difficult and as that time of the year comes round again, some of the feelings I had then have been stirred up. Last Easter I wasn’t anywhere near as well supported as I am now and found getting around exhausting. In my mind it marked the start of a very difficult period.

I’m hopeful that Robot Day will mark the start of a busy and active summer. It’s already managed to replace the sadness I’ve been feeling for the last few days with a new optimism. Thank you my robots.

Photo: Matthew Pountney

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