Bunny Bathes in Baclofen

Baclofen, the new drug I’m taking, comes as a liquid. My arm tics make taking it with a teaspoon impossible so I use a syringe. It’s a syringe without a needle so I can just squirt the medication straight into my mouth. To get it into the syringe you put a spout on the bottle, slot the syringe into it, turn it all upside down and draw out the liquid.

Bunny did all this perfectly but then she took the syringe out before she’d turned the bottle up the right way again.

Result: a very sticky bath for Bunny.

2 responses to Bunny Bathes in Baclofen

  1. catherine says:

    I had to take Aripiprozole for a while, Pete sometimes had to give it to me on a spoon.

  2. Bunny says:

    Not my finest moment! #supportworkerfail

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