Penguin Mania

I’ve talked a number of times before about the strong sensations I sometimes get from my tics. In the last couple of weeks these have been giving me bouts of intense discomfort. When they happen I move constantly with no control over what I’m doing. It’s as if I’m trying to escape from the powerful sensations that emanate from the base of my spine.

This evening I was so uncomfortable I took a dose of my old emergency medication. This has an overwhelming effect when it’s taken in combination with my regular medication – it certainly makes me more comfortable but I also get very giggly indeed.

Last time it happened I found the word ‘sand’ hilarious – this time it was ‘penguins’! Every time I ticced ‘Penguins’ I laughed uncontrollably. Fortunately, Poppy, Leftwing Idiot and Bunny found it just as funny as me. Poppy even went and got a book full of penguin photos to keep the laughter going.

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