A Stampede

This afternoon I got a glimpse of what life would be like in a boy band.

It happened on my way to lunch with Bunny when I dropped to the ground with a ‘ticcing fit’ in a back road near my office. I’ve often had fits in public and there are often passers-by who ask if I’m OK, but also lots who don’t.

It wasn’t a great place to be fitting – the ground was hard and covered in glass. It did however turn out to be the friendliest place in London with loads of different people offering their assistance. Bunny calmly explained that the fits happened several times a day and that we were fine and had everything we needed.

While I was on the floor having a rough time I saw a group of ten or so young women from the local college running towards me. For a moment I wondered where they were going before realising I was their destination, and that they were rushing to help me.

Anyone who says London is an unfriendly place clearly hasn’t rolled around in a back road in Stockwell.

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