My Day Off at Work

I’ve had a lovely day. After a drizzly start it turned into a bright Saturday and the playground I help run was awash with early spring sunshine – and with children.

I was at work today, but I wasn’t working. My support arrangements had come unstuck at short notice, which meant there wasn’t anyone around to be with me at home, so I went in with Leftwing Idiot. We’re employed by the same organisation but unlike him I don’t have to be there on Saturdays.

I kept ticcing, “It’s take your burden to work day.” But being at the playground wasn’t a burden, nor did being supported by my friends make me feel as if I was one.

For some people, going in on their day off would be a nightmare. But I can’t think of anything I could’ve done which would have made for a better day.

I enjoyed being outside and amongst friends. It was great to soak up the atmosphere without the responsibility of having to do anything in particular. It’s a strong testimony to the place and the people that this was possible.

I came home feeling very lucky.

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