Richard Gere Tuesday?

It’s Leftwing Idiot’s turn to support me during the night tonight but because he’s not been very well for the last few days and still isn’t 100%, I’ve come to his flat for the night so at least he can stay in his own bed.

It’s unsettling when my support plans change at short notice and the last few days have been tricky because most of the people who regularly support me have been unwell.

I do feel very settled and at home here though. It’s Shrove Tuesday so Poppy’s making pancakes which smell amazing, and later I’ll stay in Leftwing Idiot’s familiar spare room and go to sleep gazing up at my old friend cartoon star.

I’m sitting at the kitchen table to write this post and ticcing for no reason at all about Richard Gere and his association with pancakes.

“Richard Gere and the Pancake of Armageddon.”
“Richard Gere pancake man.”
“Richard Gere and the pancake parent.”

Who knows what the connection really is?

Poppy and Leftwing Idiot took a step back from the cooker and let me make the last pancake. Much to their surprise I made it perfectly. I tossed it in the air and caught it.

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