Happy Valentine’s Day

Sorting out who was going to provide my support this evening proved a little tricky because most of my regular team had romantic plans.

Thankfully I have a sibling who a) isn’t fussed about Valentine’s Day, b) lives nearby and c) had the good sense to marry a kind and thoughtful man.

So tonight I’m staying with Fat Sister and King Russell.

Fat Sister’s working late so she has the car, which meant King Russell had to fetch me from the castle on foot, and wheel me back to their flat in my chair. Although they don’t live far from me it’s up and then down a very steep hill. I was apprehensive about going down the hill again because Leftwing Idiot had confessed that he hadn’t been fully in control of the chair when we did the same journey last week.

I took King Russell on a meandering back route in an attempt to cut out any steep roads. It made little difference though because we just went up and down a different big hill. In fact we went down it in the middle of the road, in the dark, with me having a ‘ticcing fit’. I can’t think of a more rigorous test of the trust I put in my carers.

Fat Sister’s just arrived home and I greeted her like an over enthusiastic Labrador, squealing excitedly. She looked at King Russell and said, ‘What have you been feeding her? ‘Peas,’ he said. Fat Sister looked suspiciously at the wrapping paper on the floor and asked, ‘Peas and crème eggs?’

I haven’t had a romantic evening but I’ve felt very loved.

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